Frequently Asked Questions

For Those Considering a Registered Vault

Q. What’s the difference between a Starter Vault and a Registered Vault?
A Registered Vault is a secure place where you can store your important documents online, including your will, legal and financial documents, and photos. They have 500 MB of capacity and cost $49.95 for 5 years or $14.95 for 1 year. If you need more space, you can purchase additional 500 MB increments for $21.00. Upon your death or incapacitation, access to your vault documents is granted to your named Appointed Representative(s).

A Starter Vault is also a secure place for storing your important documents online. They are 50 MB and free! If you need more space, you can purchase additional 500 MB increments for $21.00. Access to your vault documents is NOT granted to your named Appointed Representative(s) upon your death or incapacitation.

While both Vaults are very secure ways to store your important documents, it’s up to you which will suit your needs best. You can upgrade your Starter Vault at any time for the increase in capacity and function.

Q. How do I start?
You can buy a Registered Vault by clicking here or visiting a Registry Agent. Click here to find one. You can also start by clicking here for your free Starter Vault.

Q. What documents of proof do you accept for death or incapacitation?

Q. My husband and I want to establish two separate vaults in our individual names, but we share one email address. I understand that two separate vaults cannot list the same email address. What are our options?
You must have a unique email address for each vault that is created.

Q. My husband and I want to share a vault in both of our names. Is that possible?
No. Your vault is a personal asset unique to one person, just as your Social Insurance Number is unique to you. The uniqueness of your vault ownership allows the search mechanism to find your vault upon your incapacitation or death.

Q. I plan to appoint a representative to have access to a portion of my information upon my death. However, I do not want anyone to have access to some specific pieces of information in the vault - even after my death. What happens to that information?
Upon death, the entire contents of your vault will be distributed to your Appointed Representative(s).

Q. My father is a dear man, but very disorganized. I think he may be a Vault Owner but he's being coy with his family members, who ultimately will be executor of his estate. He has a very common name, and the two Vault Searches I conducted showed me there are 10 Vault Owners with my father's name born in the same city.
Can the Alberta Virtual Vault administrators help me determine whether one of those 10 Vault Owners is my father? This would really help make our jobs easier when the time comes.

Results of a Vault Search are limited to the search fields (name, place of birth, etc.). To maintain our security and confidentiality standards, Alberta Virtual Vault administrators cannot supply further information about any Vault Owner. All of your father's Appointed Representatives, however, will receive an email from Alberta Virtual Vault within 24 hours of someone contacting Alberta Virtual Vault with proof of your father's death.

Q. Can I purchase a vault for someone else?
Yes, but you will need to provide the required information needed to create a vault and you will need to provide photo ID. (if purchased in person)

Q. Is Alberta Virtual Vault an Alberta Government product?
No, this service is owned by Registry Connect Limited Partnership, a business initiative of the Association of Alberta Registry Agents.

Q. Do I have to upload my will or can I just indicate the location of my will?
It is not necessary for you to upload your will in order to create a document in your vault. When you create the document in your vault, you have the ability to input details as to where your original documents are stored. It is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to upload the document.

Q. Once my vault is registered; will the Registry Agency have access to the documents in my vault?
The Registry Agent never has access to your vault, unless you provide them with your personal credentials (User ID and password).

Q. What is your system backup policy?
Our database is backed up live to multiple locations on multiple machines on a continuous basis. A physical backup is also done and stored in additional locations. Our backup policy has physical security and access controls.

Q. At what stage do things become encrypted?
When you connect to our website, all communications to and from our website are encrypted.

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